Remote Power - Case Study

Thermoelectric generators offer continuous, reliable and uninterrupted power delivery for off-grid, multi-well pad application.

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Paper: Reliable Remote Power

Exploring photovoltaic (PV) and thermoelectric generator (TEG) based low power off-grid systems

Careful consideration of remote site conditions is essential in the design of a remote power system. This paper discusses the advantages of both PV (solar) and TEG systems at low power remote sites.

Considering both capital and operating costs while optimizing systems loads can result in a robust and cost-effective power system.

Dominic Pituch, GPT Manager, Sales Engineering, explores off-grid remote power solutions for your business.

Methane Reduction Technology Solution Wins ERA Funding

Gentherm Global Power Technologies Methane Reduction Technology Solution Wins ERA Funding

ERA (Emissions Reduction Alberta) has announced the winning proposals for the ERA Methane Challenge – a funding program targeted at reducing methane emissions in Alberta through the development of new technologies.  Gentherm Global Power Technologies’ Remote Generator Compressor System (RGCS) proposal was one of 12 projects to receive funding out of 118 submissions. 

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How Reliable? - TEG 30 years in the field and counting!

There are times people wonder if what a company claims about their products are actually true... GPT is proud to tell people that our products have a 20-year life with just minimal annual maintenance. This is a story we think a lot of companies wish was theirs.

A model 5120 TEG that's been offering cathodic protection for over 30 years was recently returned to the Calgary Service Centre for refurbishing.

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See us at the 2017 APGA Convention & Exhibition - Cairns, QLD, Australia


2017 APGA Convention & Exhibition
Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns, QLD, Australia
October 14-October 17, 2017

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Associatgion (APGA) 49th  Annual Convention and Exhibition is one of the most significant industry events for pipelines and gas. Its value as an opportunity for information exchange, learning and networking is well known and its convivial atmosphere is one of the highlights.

Offshore Platform Installations Publication

Offshore Platform Installation brochure compares various platform power options from Pure PV, Pure TEGs to combined TEG/P.V. Hybrid systems.  Gentherm Global Power Technologies recognizes that Offshore operators face some of the most challenging conditions on earth and operators need tough, highly reliable power systems for their platforms critical loads. This comprehensive information includes:

Solar Hybrids Solve Site Lost Time

How Solar Hybrids Work: Solar Panels + TEGs

Extreme Temperatures and Solar Radiation Fluctuations

If you are curious about how solar panel systems work in various conditions, this is a great page to visit.  On this page, you can click on three videos "Above average sun", "Average sun", or "Below average sun" to see the effects on solar fluctuations.

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Gentherm Global Power Technologies*(GPT)  Remote power products are designed for a minimum 20-year service life.

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